The Brook community groups.

Community groups are the primary way we live in community with our spiritual family and develop meaningful and lasting relationships that challenge and encourage us in our faith journey. At The Brook, our small groups typically meet twice per month in people’s homes on different days and at different times.

The Brook Community
Real people
Finding real hope
In the real world
Real people
Finding real hope
In the real world
Real people
Finding real hope
In the real world
Real people
Finding real hope
In the real world
Group Values

Jesus, Bible, & Discipleship.

All groups focus on Bible engagement and growing as multiplying disciples of Jesus.

Community Group Values:

A Shared Journey

Our main emphasis is more about journeying together than learning new things.


God’s Word is our only curriculum as we help each other “Be doers of the Word” (James 1:22)


We commit to relationally helping each other trust and follow Jesus.


We’ll practice the “58 One-Anothers” as a spiritual family.


Our goal is to grow more like Jesus by developing the practices of Jesus: living UP, IN, and OUT (Luke 6:40).


Groups will birth a new groups within 12-18 months (Matt 28:18-20).


To reach others we’ll always keep an open chair for guests.

How it works

Steps to get involved in Community Groups.


Reach out.

Fill out a group interest form — click/tap the button below. This will help us help you find the right fit in a community group.


Meet and talk.

We’d love to meet for coffee or a meal to connect with you and get to know you better. We can also meet for a quick chat at church on a Sunday morning, or at the church offices during the week, Mon – Thu, 9 AM – 4 PM.


We’ll suggest a group for you.

We will suggest a group (or groups) that are a good fit, and then have the group leaders reach out and extend an invitation to visit the group.


Visit the Community Group.

Think “kicking the tires” — you are just visiting and checking out the group. You may visit more than one group. The key is finding family.